New generation of AdTech
Become an owner of technology that creates a fair digital future
Transform the digital advertising industry

• Empower small and medium-sized businesses
to perform on big players level

Increase ads transparency and cost efficiency

• Create alternative niche marketplaces

At MD Agency we:

Creates network of publishers to offer online exposure for the regulated brands
Step 2
Technology that connects advertisers and publishers (DSP/SSP) to trade ads online in real time
Step 1
Blockchain implementation
AI optimization assistant
Drive industry upgrades
Share integration standards

Step 3
• MD ADX 1.0: OpenRTB 2.5 protocol, video/banner ad formats, basic UI, raw statistics and simple reporting dashboard

• MD marketplace first pilots: 50M ad impressions/month

• Development of AI optimization algorithms

• MD ADX 2.0: VAST protocol for hybrid connection, audio ad format, UX intuitive interface, drop & drag reporting dashboard

• MD marketplace: 300M ad impressions/month

• AI assistant pilots

• Blockchain research: statistics integrity and smart contracts use cases

• MD ADX 3.0: custom features
add-on, AI assistant with alerts,

• IAB Gold standards accreditation, testing partial blockchain implementation

• MD marketplace: 1B ad impressions per month

• Blockchain research: anti-fraud use case

• MD ADX: development of the high-load resistant core, module architecture, scalable system

• MD marketplace: 10+ contracts with crypto websites/apps for relevant ad spaces

• Cryptography research

* financial indicators are based on the beta testing and possible traction but do not guarantee the return
€ 16 200 000
€ 8 150 000
€ 2 800 000
Be in the first line to test the niche advertising marketplace on
real-time bidding

Get credits as a bonus to promote your own/favourite brand

Reveal what’s behind the scenes of digital advertising

Get learning sessions from the industry experts

Become a part of the AdTech journey

Own a digital share backed by blockchain

Get access to the secondary market

Post-money valuation
Pre-money valuation
Min. Investment
€ 10 000 000
€ 5 500 000
from € 1000
€ 5.50
You can join live webinars with our team and ask a question of your interest.

We do the weekly talks about AdTech, IoT, programmatic RTB, video advertising, blockchain and crypto marketing.
Join live webinars with our team and ask a question of your interest
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Ksenia Stark,
founder & COO
Dmitry Kasimtsev,
co-founder & CTO
Irene Hafez,
co-founder & CPO
Arslan Kalandarov,
Steven Pemberton,
IT Advisor
Liina Laas,
Business Advisor
Mia Lebedeva,
co-founder & VP of Customer Success
Udi Mizrahi,
& Legal Advisor
Alexander Aleksashev,
founder & CEO
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Alexander Aleksashev,
founder and CEO.

Alexander has been an entrepreneur at heart, he graduated from Open University in Israel and confidently entered the finance market. He grew the sales, retention and marketing departments of well-known forex brands: ForexYard from, FXCM and NFSX. Alexander has been giving trading advice and training to the clients getting to know their psychology and finding the right approaches to every trader. Also, he has deep expertise in affiliate marketing and programmatic channels management presenting his broad skills at MD Agency.

Ksenia Stark,
founder and COO

At a young age, Ksenia became a marketing department manager for an e-commerce brand fully managing offline and online channels. Then her corporate experience got into market development and marketing management of Telecom entertainment services. She supervised tech product rollouts, user acquisition and campaigns compliance with regulators (PSA Authority, WASPA, Vodafone). She also got acquainted with content creation and affiliate marketing for various digital products managing and growing markets with daily turnover of more than €500K.

Dmitry Kasimtsev,
co-founder and CTO

Dmitry has dedicated his career to Ad Tech since day one. He has more than 17 years of experience in software product development focusing on digital advertising platforms development/engineering and management as well as business analysis. He stayed at the roots of programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) closely following the development of the industry technical protocols and standards. Dmitry built a product of the well-known Ukrainian programmatic company Adtelligent. Currently he assists PlutoTV as an independent consultant.

Irene Hafez,
co-founder and CPO

Irene was always passionate about IoT and was teaching programmatic operations at the university. She knows the pain of the online industry and its stakeholders. She has a deep understanding of tech features, operations and sales thanks to her wide network of partners. Currently Irene is managing the digital agency Roqoon, part of Tap Media holding. During her career, she has given technical assistance as independent consultant to several success companies in Ad Tech.

Mia Lebedeva,
co-founder & VP of Customer Success

Mia kicked off her career at Ad Tech pioneering the white-label third-party solutions since 2012. She knows the complexity of technical connections integration and always puts the customer first! She is the creator of her own presale and post-sale customer success strategy linking it to an innovative UX design to be one step before any issue arises.

Svetlana Slasnova,
Art Director

Svetlana is an Art & Technology graduate who has been directing Wella and Lavazza international campaigns. Her passion to design doesn’t stop at simple graphics, Svetlana has developed her strong skills at animation, infographics and 3D art and is eager to put her vision at MD Agency.

Steven Pemberton,
IT Advisor

Steven is an honored researcher of CWI, Dutch center of mathematics & informatics, author and public speaker since 2004. He was the first user of the Internet in Europe and has been a chair of W3C and contributing author of HTML 4 and 4.01 and CSS L1,2,3. Also, Steven co-designed programming language ABC and was a forerunner of python. Staying at the roots of IoT and believing in a better and simpler future, he will be leading MD AD Lab: implementation of AI and Blockchain.

Udi Mizrahi,
Financial & Legal Advisor

Udi has been driving Ituran as a Deputy CEO and VP Finance for more than 20 years. He is deeply aware of the balance between finance and legal and has been guiding MD Agency since the establishment.

Liina Laas,
Business Advisor

Liina is a new generation of a businesswoman who drives and actively supports the blockchain revolution in Estonia. A mother, a founder of BetterFund, Head of Expansion at Deel in Baltics who supports diversity and brings social impact to our society at a global scale.